Welcome all to new Dyslexia Manchester blog!

If you are looking for information about Dyslexia, Dyslexia news or Dyslexia tips it will be here on Dyslexia Manchester's blog.

The exciting news is that from the end of March we will be offering  online 1: 1 tutoring sessions for Dyslexia and study support. Get Literacy/ dyslexia support in your own home.

It is coming up to exam season for Year 11 pupils. It can be a very stressful time for them as the new GCSE exams are very demanding. 

Dyslexia Manchester is holding a GCSE English Study skills /revision/Literacy support course  8 -12th April.  This involves a 5 day one hour a day crash course to address some of those last minute revision requirements.

More information is on Dyslexia Manchester facebook site https://www.facebook.com/dyslexiamanchester4226/?eid=ARDIIwyvaxumQZ3mpBVLDYSaw6Lq59ZuCmCnB2zUF7ED-IjeXBeS-jYDM-wOs95RRuMd7dXNU7h40cj8