19 Mar


Apologies for this bi weekly blog being a little late. 

In my next series of blogs I'm presenting  "A parents guide to...….." 

Having spoken with the parents of my students,  there are number of common questions which keep cropping up so what better platform than to explore them here.

Educationalists/ teachers are usually very quick to diagnose Dyslexia as the villain of the peace.

You may hear - 

" well he gets his letters mixed up.... especially 'b' and 'd. He must be Dyslexic'"

"her spelling is terrible. It's probably Dyslexia"

"He/ she is underachieving in class. The vocabulary is fine but when it comes to writing there are difficulties. It's probably Dyslexia."

but Dyslexia is hard to pin down.

The diagnosis may require four or more assessments conducted by a Specialist Assessor or an Educational Psychologist, as they are the only professionals qualified to do this. 

In my teaching career I had a number of students diagnosed with Dyslexia. I would ask "How can we support this child in the classroom?" The answer was a shrug of the shoulders. Not very helpful for me or the student.

The experience for the child...….your child ……. is confidence sapping, anxiety and feeling worthless.

Which is why I decided to follow an SpLD course at Manchester Metropolitan University and get some answers.

 I'm going to share the those answers and some of my experiences that I have had in my teaching career with you. And please share experiences and questions of your own in the comments box below. 

As a starter I thought I'd share this link with you. This is what a dyslexic child could be experiencing.


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