04 Apr


This blog is something very close to my  heart. As a teacher I have always thought it vital to support a child's self confidence and self esteem. Sadly these tend to be in short supply for the Dyslexic learner. 

Many Dyslexic learners lack self confidence and have low self esteem because they feel like they fail every day. School may not be a happy place for them... but in fact Dyslexia can be your child's Superpower.

This week I was meeting with some new parents and their son to discuss a possible diagnostic assessment and 1:1 sessions. It's really great to meet with parents who are concerned about their child's progress and are keen to get that extra help. 

We started talking about school, homework, favourite subjects and hobbies. John (not his real name) felt he was good with computers but was 'rubbish at other stuff' because of his Dyslexia. I went on to tell him that his brain is just as smart as anyone else's except it was just, wired differently. It is a difference not a difficulty and so we need to find his strengths and use those to support his challenges. 

A way of supporting your child is to notice what they are good at whether that is building flat packs without the instructions, being able to draw, making great flapjacks.... whatever skills they have, acknowledge them and help to develop them to support their challenges. 

Playing board games can also can also help to reinforce some of the more tedious aspects of learning to read, write or punctuate. Take a look at the Dyslexia Shop for some ideas.


Hey! some of the wealthiest and famous people in the world are Dyslexic..... Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Orlando Bloom to start the ball rolling. 

Dyslexic students tend to be creative learners who think outside the box. They can have amazing talents In one particular field such as drama, photography , cooking or Art. They see the world differently from other children/ adults. 

We can't all be the same..... what a dull place the world would be 

Enjoy your weekend.


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