21 Mar


Welcome to the first "A Parents guide."....series of blogs.

Much of this blog is about what it feels like to be Dyslexic. This is anecdotal as I am not a Dyslexic learner. 

Some of the effects for the learner are physical and/ or emotional. 

Physical effects can be that the words on a page move around or they may look like this -


is a greneral trem for disordesr  that involve dificcultly in leanring to read or intrepet wross, leteers, and othr syombols, but that do not faceect genral inteillgence.

This is an excellent link for you to experience Dyslexia challenges


Following the curriculum in school can be challenging enough without further challenges!!

 Dyslexia is a sliding scale , not black and white.... there are degrees of how much Dyslexia affects a child and this is as individual as the child themselves. . It can be mild to severe and naturally this defines how much support your child will need.


Reading, spelling and writing progress will be affected and this can impact on your child's emotional well being. They could experience embarrassment as other children in their class understand new topics which seem baffling to them. 

They may have low self esteem, lack confidence, feel anxious,  and lack hope through a history of failure. They may be reluctant to go to school, feel frustrated which if unaddressed can result in withdrawal from education generally or behaviour issues. 

You may ask yourself " How can I help my child?"

This will be the next topic in the series A parents guide to...….?

Enjoy your weekend !!


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