08 Mar

Hi everyone

This is a day late but there is a reason for this ………... I promise.

Since I have been offering Dyslexia diagnoses in Manchester, parents have been telling me that specialist dyslexia assessors are difficult to find and are often quite a distance from where they live. 

Assessments are stressful enough for children without a long journey being factored in. 

I have been working on offering Dyslexia diagnostic assessments and tuition sessions online..... hence the delay in today's blog. 

There are other advantages of completing assessments online - 

  • They can be broken down into individual tests rather than completing them in one sitting, which would be much better for the students.
  • Hopefully this will give a true reflection of the child's skills and ability. 
  • They are taking place in their own home which could reduce anxiety.
  • Lessons can be recorded which will allow students to review what they have learned.

I intend to have follow up tuition sessions,  also to be available online.

 I have noticed that there are areas of the UK where few Dyslexia

 assessors or tutors are available. 

An online service would seem to be the way forward.

Its a question of getting my head around the technology and still 

being able to have a 1:1 working relationship with the student. 

Steep learning curve.

Enjoy your weekend 

See you on Monday.

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