Dyslexia Diagnosis

Dyslexia Diagnosis

The assessments are standardised which allows for comparisons with other students of the same age nationwide.

Although they give this insight, assessments are a snapshot of performance on that day and can vary slightly if re assessed in the time frames of each assessment.
These can take up to five hours so can be split into two sessions.
The assessment report will include:

  • a detailed summary of the learner's background information from parents and teachers

  • current profile of strengths and weaknesses

  • overview of the tests used

  • test results and their interpretation

  • recommendations for support both at home, school and specialist intervention.

    Assessment cost - £375

    A full written report will be available within 10 working days.

Mileage ( if applicable ) is set at 45p per mile according to HMRC Mileage allowance payments