Visual stress/ Irlens syndrome

Visual stress/ Irlens syndrome

This assessment can determine if a child suffers from Visual Stress by using a variety of coloured overlay sheets.
Visual Stress may affect the reader in a number of ways -

  • Blurred letters or words that go out of focus.

  • Letters, which move or present with back to front appearance, shimmering, or shaking.

  • Headaches from reading.

  • Words or letters that break into two and appear as double.

  • Find it easier to read large, widely spaced print, than small and crowded.

  • Difficulty with tracking across the page.

 Assessment  - £35 

Sessions are one hour and take place at my home address. 

Mileage ( if applicable ) is set at 45p per mile according to HMRC Mileage allowance payments