What is Dyslexia?

What is Dyslexia

What is Dyslexia?
Learners with Dyslexia may experience some of the following -

•  Has particular difficulty with reading and spelling.
•  Puts letters and figures the wrong way round.
•  Has difficulty remembering tables, alphabet, formulae etc.
•  Leaves letters out of words or puts them in the wrong order.
•  Still occasionally confuses 'b' and 'd' and words such as 'no/on'.
•  Still needs to use fingers or marks on paper to make simple calculations.
•  Poor concentration.
•  Has problems understanding what he/she has read.
•  Takes longer than average to do written work.
•  Problems processing language at speed.

 Non - language indicators
•  Has difficulty with tying shoe laces, tie, dressing.
•  Has difficulty telling left from right, order of days of the week, months of the year etc.
•  Surprises you because in other ways he/she is bright and alert.
•  Has a poor sense of direction and still confuses left and right.
•  Lacks confidence and has a poor self image.

( British Dyslexia Association )