Karen Barber

Level 7 Post Graduate Dip. SpLD , AMBDA
British Dyslexia Association tutor

1:1 tuition for Dyslexic students in Manchester, Bury and Bolton
"The right support for your child can build confidence to work towards exam success"

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Session Vacancies
Dyslexia support session available

** Wednesday 4pm
The tuition session is led by a Dyslexia support programme recommended by the British Dyslexia Association but I am also able to help students with KS2 - KS 4 English challenges including GCSE Literature and Language exams.
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  • Do you feel that your child is having difficulties reading, writing or spelling in class?
  • Are they finding English/Literacy lessons frustrating? 
  • Does your child become anxious or upset In lessons?
  • Are they reluctant to read? 
  • Write letters in the wrong order?
  • Difficulty telling left from right, order of days of the week, months of the year etc
  • Surprises you because in other ways he/she is bright and alert.
  • Cannot remember times tables, alphabet, formulae etc.
    ( from British Dyslexia Association )

Your child may be Dyslexic or have other Literacy challenges.

Dyslexia should be diagnosed by a Dyslexia Specialist Assessor to be certain your child receives the correct support.

I use the British Dyslexia Association approved Conquering Literacy programme which encourages your child to learn at their pace and ensures acquisition of Literacy skills
It is a multisensory highly structured programme for teaching literacy to children and young people with Dyslexia and Literacy challenges.  Conquering Literacy supports your child to reach their full potential and develop self confidence.

  'Conquering literacy' is a complete multisensory teaching programme and one that echoes the spirit of recent government initiatives that purport to effectively deal with dyslexia …….  is considered by most, to be best practice in teaching literacy. 

 Dr. Gavin Reid, Educational Psychologist, International Consultant and author


A support programme to develop strategies for learning. Please contact me regarding support sessions.

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Visual Stress/ Irlen syndrome screening

Visual stress/ Meares-Irlen Syndrome a visual processing problem which can led to Literacy challenges. Available as part of face to face assessments.

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I have had many years experience of teaching KS2 -KS5 learners including those with Specific Learning 'differences' in mainstream education and as a Headteacher in specialised units for Looked After Children. I have a child centred approach to teaching, and learning. After discovering my son had Dyslexia, I decided to train at Manchester Metropolitan University to help learners with these challenges.

I have been supporting school age children for six years and my current students range from 8 - 17 years with Literacy/Dyslexia challenges.

I support Dyslexic/ ASD undergraduate students at local at nationwide universities since 2019. In my role as a study support tutor I help them work towards degree success.

Qualifications and Accreditations
Post Graduate Diploma (Level 7) SpLD Manchester Metropolitan University
Professional Membership of the British Dyslexia Association AMBDA
Professional indemnity insurance
Current DBS certificate.

  • Ramsbottom, Bury, UK